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The Swanswater Cygnets is a club for junior anglers aged 18 and under which was set up in September 2000 and is based at Swanswater Fishery. The aim of the club is to promote the arts of fly fishing and fly tying to youngsters.   It was the brainchild of Tom Postlethwaite, a retired gentleman with a lifetime's experience in angling both for pleasure and in competitions, who started giving lessons at Swanswater in the summer of 1999.   In September 2000 the Cygnets Club was started.
 The Club Constitution states that the members are to be encouraged to take group responsibility for running the Club and they have a healthy input in all decisions.  There is a friendly atmosphere within the Club although the members are very competitive and like to do their best!  However it is nice to see older members helping out some of the younger ones who have not been fishing for long.   
The club meets on Sunday morning between March and the end of October for fly fishing classes, run by UKCC qualified coaches and other volunteers. 
The club also has a large quantity of fly-tying materials and the members are encouraged to tie and use their own flies.
In the past, some of the more experienced members of the Club have taken part in outings to other local fisheries although there were no such outings during 2015.  
All young people who are interested in learning to fly fish, or who wish to improve their skills, and would like to join the club should contact the Fishery on 01786 814805 or email  
swanswater@aol.com  for further information.
The last Cygnets’ session of 2015 was held on Sunday 1st November.   The session took the form of a catch and release competition, which was won by Euan Beattie with Josh Moody the runner-up.   The youngsters then enjoyed lunch before spending some time practising their casting accuracy by trying to burst balloons with their flies.
Well done to all the youngsters who have attended Cygnets this year.   The two blocks of sessions were well attended and some great improvement was seen with several newcomers learning to cast and fish competently.   Thanks go to all the coaches and waterside assistants who voluntarily give their time on a Sunday morning to pass on their knowledge to the Club members.
Cygnets are reminded that they are welcome at the Fishery at any time and we hope to see you over the winter months if the weather is not too bad.    Details of next year’s sessions will be circulated in the spring.

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Final Cygnets’ Session  1.11.15

Swanswater Cygnets 2015
Swanswater Cygnets 2015
Swanswater Cygnets 2015 Swanswater Cygnets 2015
Swanswater Cygnets 2015 Swanswater Cygnets 2015